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Frederica Montseny
The Woman who speaks

Prod. Distinto Films, Voramar Films, A punt Media




Is it worth betraying your own ideals for the greater good? Federica Montseny, the Spanish anarchist leader who, paradoxically, was a minister during the Second Spanish Republic, asks herself this question while waiting for her extradition hearing in France. If she loses her trial, she will be returned to Spain, where she will most likely be executed. Federica will have to decide between going against her principles and saving her life.

Seoul International Drama Awards 2021 (South Corea) Best TV Movie

Prix Europa 2021 The European Broadcasting Festival (Germany) Best TV Movie Nomination

IRIS Awards 2021 (Spain) Best Actor Nomination, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba

Frederica Montseny Cartel
Fred Mont Laura Maña
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