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Nominated in more than 10  festivals awards.

Fantasporto : International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award

Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film

Best actor and Best screeplay awards

Fant-Asia Film Festival : AQCC Award - Mention

Festival de Cine Español de Málaga:

Silver biznaga best cinematograpy and best music award

Nominated at the golden bisnaga

Killing words (Palabras encadenadas)


Prod. Filmax

Year of production: 2002


Psychological thriller


Locked in a dark basement, Laura - a psychiatrist in her early 30s - watches in horror as the video confession of a serial killer plays in front of her. Gagged and bound in a chair, she realises that it's the same person who has just kidnapped her and who is now pacing in the shadows: a seemingly normal middle-aged man called Ramón. As he walks towards her, Ramón removes the gag and challenges Laura to play the 'Word Game'. If she wins, he will set her free - but if she loses, he'll start by poking out her eye...

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