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Gifted with boundless energy and curiosity, she speaks five languages and has lived in several cities all over Europe. Her film career started in front of the camera. After working with some of the most remarkable Spanish film-makers, she decided to seat at the director´s chair. Her debut with her feature film “Sexo por compasión” was a huge success. The film was selected in some of the most prestigious film festivals such as  Sundance Film Festival (the first ever Spanish film to be selected in the festival) and was recipient of numerous awards in national and international film festivals such as Toronto, Miami, Málaga and Guadalajara, among others.


Since then, she has directed six feature films that have won numerous prestigious awards such as the Meliès for Best European Film for “Palabras Encadenadas”. Her film “Clara Campoamor, la mujer olvidada” was the second most-watched Spanish film of the year. After such success, she was invited to direct “Concepción Arenal, la visitadora de prisiones”. Her natural skills at directing actors and non-actors bring out memorable performances. As a published writer, she offers plenty of narrative resources to improve the script if necessary.

Committed and extremely professional, she has also shot and co-written two international documentaries.




-2000: feature film “Sexo por compasión ” (“Compassionate Sex”)


-2002: feature film “Palabras encadenadas” (“Killing Words”)


-2004:  feature film “Morir en San Hilario” (To Die in San Hilario)


-2007 : feature film“Ni Dios, ni patrón, ni marido”.


-2010: feature film “La vida empieza hoy”.


-2010: Documentary for TVE :  “La familia”


-2010: Fiction Documentary “A+B+C” (the education of woman in Mozambique)


-2011: Feature TV film “Clara Campoamor, la mujer olvidada”. (“The Forgotten Woman, Clara Campoamor”), 


-2012 : Feature TV film “Concepción  Arenal, la visitadora de cárceles”· (“Concepción Arenal: The Visitor of Prisons”)

-2020 : feature film "Te Quiero, Imbécil"

-2021 : Feature TV film “Frederica Montseny ”

-2022 : feature film "Un Novio para mi mujer"

-2023 : Serie " Burning Body"  Épisodes. 4 - 5 - 6













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