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To die in San Hilario (Morir en San Hilario)


Prod. Filmax

Year of production: 2004


Comedy of manners


A remote village known for their beautiful funerals awaits the arrival of a wealthy man on the verge of death in director Laura Mañà's dark comedy. When people wanted to go in style, they used to come to San Hilario. But these days funerals are rushed, impersonal affairs, and as a result the people of San Hilario are desperate for work. When the villagers learn that a wealthy client named Germán Cortés is currently en route, they realize he may be the key to revitalizing the local economy, and pull out all the stops to ensure that his last days on Earth are everything he'd hoped for and then some. Unfortunately for the people of San Hilario, the man who arrives claiming to be Germán Cortés is an intruder, and he doesn't seem to understand the true nature of the town's once-thriving business


Best Director” and “Audience Award”  in the European Film Festival of Viareggio

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